Below are before and after photos of patients who have achieved their ultimate smiles. It is no longer just a dream, but a reality that most patients can successfully accomplish. Contact us and take the next step towards having the smile that you’ve always wanted.

2 hour smile makeover

Ceramic Crowns

Replaced a missing lateral incisor with all ceramic crown on an implant.

Replaced old “opaque looking” porcelain on gold crowns with all “natural looking” ceramic crowns.

All ceramic crowns on lower teeth.

Restorative & Cosmetic Treatment

Pt. had an aging/dis-colored tooth-colored filling on the lower front tooth that was set back behind the rest of them. The Pt. did not want to under-go braces. So we re-contoured the teeth on either side and replaced the filling with a new tooth colored filling.

Ceramic Bridge

A tooth that was previously Root Canal treated broke off below the gum line, leaving it un-restorable. It was replaced with an all ceramic bridge supported by the teeth on either side.


This is an “Eye Tooth” that had decay where it makes contact with the tooth next to it, as well as on the back side of it. It was restored with a tooth-colored filling.


This was a broken molar with an old filling and decay. It was restored with a single-visit CEREC crown.

Restorative & Cosmetic Treatment